Using Macs in the Classroom

This class is an introductory level class on the basics of the Mac Computer.
We will touch and I mean just touch briefly on the software piece.
We will share with you a few idea
s of how to use each of these tools in your classes, then together we will generate more ideas of how we could use this software in our classrooms and to offer our students more digital opportunities for learning.

The iLife Suite

Every Mac comes with iLife, an award-winning software suite that lets you and your students express your ideas — and yourselves — with video, images, text, and sound.
iLife includes the following applications:
  • iPhoto, for storing, organizing, editing, and sharing digital photos.
  • iMovie, for creating digital movies.
  • GarageBand, for performing, recording, and creating music and podcasts.
  • iDVD, for creating professional-looking DVDs.

Mac Shortcuts